Apartments For Rent in Bucharest

Apartment rental market in Bucharest, continuously growing

Do you need a spacious, more comfortable apartment in Bucharest? Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Bucharest? Would you rather live in a new immobile so you won’t have to deal with old leaking pipes and other plumbing malfunctions?

The solution would be renting an apartment in a new immobile in Bucharest. Even if you don’t have too many options, you can find residential compounds exclusively intended for rental. You can choose from 2 room apartments, 3 rooms apartment, fitted and furnished or empty apartments for sale that come for 350 euros per month. Some developers offer numerous facilities such as cable tv and internet or gyms.

2 room apartments for rent go away fast in Bucharest

2 room apartments for rent in Bucharest, just as studio apartments are the first ones on real estate listings. Because they are easy to care for, cheaper and more practical than other types of homes they are the first ones to get rented and sometimes it’s hard to find one. This is why, if you want to rent a 2 room apartment in Bucharest, you have to hurry. Take advantage of these opportunities, because they go away fast. This past year was satisfying regarding both selling and renting properties, especially nw ones, but most tenants go for old apartments. This preference is due to the lack of competitive bids on the building market. Real estate developers put selling new apartments first, not renting them.

 3 room apartments for rent in Bucharest, perfect for big families

Did your family increase its size lately and you need a bigger home? A 3 room apartment for rent in Bucharest is the best option? If you already know what area you want to move in and you know what you want from your future home, search the Internet and see what type of real estate offers you find or go to a real estate agency in that area and see what thy have for you. You can go for a 3 room apartment in a villa, so you’ll have more privacy or if you don’t mind having lots of neighbors, you can pick a 4 or 8-level apartment building. The important thing to remember is to find one that meets all your needs.

Are apartments for rent in Bucharest harder to find?

Your dream is to own a home in the center of the city, but all you can afford for now is to rent one? You established a budget for it and you want to rent an apartment in the center of Bucharest as fast as possible? You can hunt listings on big real estate websites or you can ask a real estate broker for help, since they know everything about apartments for rent in the central area of Bucharest. If you’re picky you need to be patient, because these types of real estate offers don’t occur that often. Still, with a bit of luck and a little help from professionals, you will be able to find your dream home in the center of Bucharest.

Apartments for rent in the Unirii area of Bucharest


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