The Team, Heart of Otho Estate

We are all passionate about real estate, without exceptions and beyond doubt. This is what brought us together in first place, but what unites us is the desire to make things different, to show that our clients’ interest comes first and to change the perception of the real estate market.

The desire to offer to our clients the best services, the most competent analysis, respect and trust motivated us to approach things differently. The experience we acquired gives us a clear view of the real estate market and our continuous improvement and training courses we took, such as Seller Representative Specialist and Accredited Buyer’s Representative, allow us to operate on highest standards, imposed primarily by us.

Our passion and shared vision make Otho Estate’s services rely on solid values: fairness and professionalism, seriousness and respect for the customer, for whom we primarily want to be a reliable partner, an advised counselor, a friend.

For you, so we can be as well informed and up to date with everything about real estate, we attend all the events in the field and we joined every professional association of profile. All Otho Estate agents are members of professional associations: The Real Estate Brokers Associations, The Professional Realtors Associations of Romania. Plus, we are certified as Realtors by the National Association of Realtors. But what recommends, before our titles and professional adhesions, is our devotion, ethics and desire to carry out the commitments we took in a transparent, responsible manner, dedicated to our client. We work as a team to deliver our clients premium services, unique on the real estate market.

What recommends us as a successful team? Before working in real estate, each member of the team activated in other work fields as well. The experience we acquired in entrepreneurship, in multinational companies, in construction, sales and marketing is added to our real estate skills and strengthens our conviction that we can contribute to raising the level of professionalism in the field.

Here, at Otho Estate, we know that reputation is the business card of a realtor. Through everything we do, we make sure we build an impeccable reputation, either we are taking care of our clients’ needs or interacting with our peers.



The guarantee of The Professional Realtors of Romania Association:

  • we adhered to a strict Code of Ethics, based on professionalism and customer care.
  • we are committed to faithfully pursuing the interests of our customers, by treating all parties involved in the real estate transaction with honesty
  • we benefit from mandatory professional liability insurance, thus giving our consumers safety
  • we benefit from mandatory professional education and, therefore, have a higher level of knowledge about the process of buying, selling and renting real estate
  • we have access to a common database of real estate, which ensures communication and cooperation between us, leading to increased transaction speed and a higher-quality information that we provide to our consumers.


Bogdan Ispir

Real Estate Junior Broker
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