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Housing expats in Bucharest

Expat needs

Although the needs of each individual differ from one to another, when it comes to housing expats in Bucharest, we have found one to be constant: LOCATION. This is the base from which we will build your profile of wants, by understanding the area of interest. We know the importance of time and there is no secret that the traffic in the morning (between 7 to 9 am and 5 to 7 pm), wherever you might be in this city, will push your buttons! So when you contact us to help you find the right one, expect a couple of questions regarding the place you will work and the things you do in your free time.

Now that we know the area that would fit best for your next accomodation, we move on to get to know you better: Will you be with your family? Do you have kids? If you do, are they going to study here? Where? Do you like cooking or would you rather go to a restaurant? Would you prefer a quiet area or a vibrant one? And so on… All these questions help us understand your needs better. Connecting with you at a personal level will give us a better insight on what you are looking for in an apartment or a house. It’s like you ask your best friend to find an accomodation for you in another country. He will know what to look for right away. You cook, so a well equipped kitchen is a must, or your wardrobe is the size of Texas, so walk-in closet it is, and so on. You see my point.

Why choosing us?

We understand every member is unique and so are his needs;
Bilingual renting contract (english/romanian);
Expert advice regarding the area and the building;
Price negotiation

OTHO ESTATE is specialized in working with expats to find accommodation in Bucharest. Our qualified agents speak a number of languages fluently and can provide guidance, amongst others, as to which neighbourhoods are most suitable to live for expats. We provide full service housing solutions, so it will be totally hassle free. We offer a one-stop service that handles all the practical aspects of renting homes for short or longer periods.

Our portfolio contains a wide range of houses, villas and (luxury) apartments in the category designations good, very good and excellent. Furnished or semi- furnished, they are available within a broad price range.

Central to our success is an enthusiastic and friendly team of dedicated, highly qualified agents, very well aware of what moving and living abroad really means, and also know all about living in Romania. That means we are fully equipped to give relocating families all the support they need to quickly adjust to new homes and surroundings.

House Hunting in Romania

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