Spaces For Rent in Bucharest

The perfect space for rent for your business

Do you own a space for rent or are you looking for a space for rent for your business? Are you looking for a special location for your new business? Your restaurant, placed in a central premises, can be the solution to a succesfull business. A space for rent located in a good building, in a high traffic area with a solid construction is exactly what you beed. Because sometimes a space like that is hard to find, a real estate agent can be useful. All you have to do is search the internet for your area and type in your requests and the problem is almost solved.

Business premises for rent in the central or suburd area of Bucharest

An immobile for rent in Bucharest, perfect as a business premises, properly fitted, placed in heavy traffic area, usually requires lots of lost time and money, and also lots of patience. So, if commercial spaces for rent appropriate for your business are hard to find and you haven’t found the right one yet, don’t worry and keep searching the internet for these types of listings.

Tempting commercial spaces for rent offers in Bucharest

Office spaces for rent in Bucharest are more and more present on the market in Bucharest, thanks to the increasing demand for office jobs. Office building constructions, more and more presents in Bucharest, make the market extremely offering from this point of view. The price starts from 5 euro for a square meter and can go up to hundreds of euros for a square meter, in a nice area.

Spaces for rent suitable for a restaurant in Bucharest

Are you looking for a space for rent for your restaurant in Bucharest, but you can’t find the right location or the right partitioning with the proper endowments? If you ran into these types of troubles and you’re tired of waiting for the right space to show up, and if time is money for you and your business, seek help from professionals. Call a real estate agent and get him to help you find quicker the space for rent for your future restaurant in Bucharest. You have to know exactly how it is going to look like, what facilities you want it to come with and the perfect size and location for your future business.

Great offers for office spaces for rent in Bucharest


Office spaces for rent in Bucharest are very popular nowadays thanks to the supply and demand for office jobs. Office immobiles constructions increased significantly these past few years. The prices can start from 1500 euros per month for a fully fitted building placed in a beautiful area with a surface of 600 sqm. Central business premises for rent in Bucharest with surfaces larger than 1000 sqm can go for a few tens of thousands euros per month.

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