Houses For Rent in Bucharest

A house for rent in Bucharest gives you all the comfort you need

The apartment you rented in an immobile doesn’t satisfy you anymore? You can’t stand to share common spaces with your neighbors anymore or you’re simply tired of it and you want to move in a house? Is a house for rent in Bucharest the solution you have in mind? You’re thinking that space would be bigger, you would have a big, green yard, but the rent would be higher and you wouldn’t have neighbors? You can still find good offers for homes for rent in Bucharest. New homes in the surrounding area of Bucharest, for example, are cheaper. Ask a realtor for the best homes for rent in Bucharest.

Houses for rent in the Central area of Bucharest only bring you benefits

Tired of spending hours commuting from one end of Bucharest to the Center, where your job is located and you really want to find a place closer to it? The best way to do this is by renting an apartment or a house in the Center of Bucharest. You’ll save the money you spend on taxi rides, you won’t come in late anymore and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of living in the central area of Bucharest. All these wonderful things will compensate for the more expensive rent you will pay. A house in one of the best areas of Bucharest, Piata Unirii for example, with 4 rooms, can be rented for 1300 euros per month, while a 4 room house for rent in the 1 Mai area of Bucharest can be 500 euros per month.


Houses for rent in Pipera – Bucharest, a necessary luxury?

New office buildings, apartment buildings, and homes are emerging in the Pipera area of Bucharest. Thanks to the land, which is cheap, but also to the possibility of development on the real estate market, the constructors prefer to invest more and more in this evolving area of Bucharest. Those looking for a home for rent in the Pipera area of Bucharest are especially people working in this area who don’t want to waste precious time commuting but would rather stay away from the restlessness of the city. A 4 room home for rent in Pipera can cost 1.500 euros per month, while a 3 room home for rent is 800 euros per month.


A house/villa for rent in Bucharest ends the problems of co-living

If you’re tired of paying rent for your apartment and if you’re sick of sharing everything with your noisy neighbors and you keep thinking that you could pay the same amount for a home for rent in Bucharest, you should take action. A home for rent or a villa for rent in Bucharest is the best solution, especially if you have a big family. A house is more spacious than an apartment; it has more rooms, a generous yard with grass and everything, the rent is higher and you would have no neighbors. You can also find offers for homes for rent with similar prices with what you would pay for an apartment. New homes in the surrounding areas of Bucharest are cheaper.

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